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Welcome to the ACAD Instructor Resource Page!


These pages are intended to support you in the development of your on ground ACAD class.  Please note that they provide only a skeletal framework.  Instructors are encouraged to bring in their own expertise and creativity to the already existing curriculum.  Please also note that the weeks are divided according to the Fall 2014 Tuesday/Thursday schedule, which does not have a holiday incorporated into its schedule.  The Monday/Wednesday classes may vary slightly from this schedule; however, the content remains the same.  Finally, Erik Lomo has granted all on ground ACAD instructors acces to the online version, made available to you for your reference througout the course of the term.


The ACAD class should operate more along the lines of a seminar rather than a lecture class.  Class participation and discussion will ensure a successful experience.  Additionally, remember that a core component of the class is to offer academic support, foster academic skills, and create a sense of community.  With that noted, beginning each class or each week with a check-in on individual student's experiences, other classes, stresses and successes can serve as a good way to break the ice into that day's subject matter.


Instructors should refer to the Faculty Handbook and the Course Syllabus for expectations and requirements.  Each class should have its own class website (location at the instructor's discretion) that includes the course syllabus, required readings, assignments and rubrics, and important dates (such as the VASD Lecture Series and RMCAD Gallery schedules).


Students should not sit idle in the class, i.e. each class should be filled with lessons, discussions, and activities and assignments.  If you find this difficult please contact Neely, Mike, and/or Jaime for support.  It may be beneficial to have students bring in other assignments if you anticipate a slow class day or incorporate journaling into the class, which is part of the course description but does not have a particualr assignment attached to it.


Please know that Neely, Mike and Jaime are also avaialble to assist you in anyway possible throughout the course of the term.  If you deam it necessary please feel free to schedule individual meetings or class visits at your convenience.


Finally, thank you for agreeing to teach ACAD.  This class has proven successful; however, it is a work in progress.  Your input, suggestions, and critiques are highly valued and we hope that you will share them with us throughout the course of the term.


Thank you.


Neely Patton, Chair of Liberal Arts: npatton@rmcad.edu

Mike Moses, Head of Liberal Studies: mmoses@rmcad.edu

Jaime Carrejo, Chair of Foundations: jcarrejo@rmcad.edu

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.