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Career objective

Seeking Position as a makeup artist where my skills, training and experience will be an asset to the company and give room for advancement potential.

Qualifications and skills

  • Ability to render hyper realistic figure paintings.
  • Advanced knowledge in art history and visual arts.
  • Basic troubleshooting skills for operating systems i.e. Windows Vista/7 and Apple OSX.
  • Advanced Customer service skills with friendly, sincere, welcoming interactive personal talk. Passionate about creating a relationship with the customer.
  • Ability to multitask different projects efficiently.
  • Punctuality with keeping a clean, sterile workstation. Utilizing safe and sanitary application techniques.
  • Ability to educate the customer on areas of makeup theory and practice that interests them. Possible topics include application techniques/tools, product knowledge, color selection and placement, trend.
  • Ability to complete a technically an aesthetically well-executed makeup that satisfies the customer.
  • Advanced experience in modeling/film industry.

Work History

November 2010-August 2011                    Tech Bar – Laboratory Level 1 Technician
September 2007-June 2009                       Celebrity Tattoo – Tattoo Artist
April 2008-July 2008                                    Claire’s Boutique – Third Key, Ear piercer


Denver school of the arts – Denver, Colorado
         -Education Level: High School Diploma; Arts Endorsed
          Graduated: Yes

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design – Denver, Colorado
          -Bachelors of Fine Arts, Emphasis on painting.
           Graduated: Summer of 2011


Blood Borne Pathogens- Red Cross training in cross contamination, Certified License
Leader’s Challenge Program- Leadership training to high potential students through experimental education programs
Prestigious Scholastic Gold Key Art Award
NFAA scholarship award to the Rocky mountain College of Art and Design
Dean’s List (Fall 2010, Spring 2010)
Body Artist License- Graduating Tattoo Apprenticeship

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.