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RMCAD’s beautiful 23-acre campus is designated as a National Historic District. Currently, 11 of the 17 campus structures (approximately 100,000 square feet) are devoted to classrooms, administrative offices, common areas and support spaces, including:

  • A total of 36 studio and lecture classrooms and dedicated computer labs
  • 2 AV theaters/classrooms
  • 2 fully equipped wood shops
  • 4 art galleries
  • 2 student lounges
  • 4 conference rooms
  • Student studio spaces for upperclassmen
  • Multifunctional auditorium
  • Historic Rotunda Pavilion event space
  • The Underground Café
  • RMCAD Supply Store
  • Library containing over 14,000 titles

Campus History: The JCRS Story

Our campus has a unique history. More than 100 years ago, the Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society founded a safe haven for patients suffering from tuberculosis in a place then known as Spivak, Colorado. While there was no known cure for TB at the time, people believed Colorado’s ample sunshine and crisp mountain air would help ease the pain of those who were afflicted.

Over the years, the JCRS campus grew to become the largest free tuberculosis treatment facility in the world. Covering 148 acres and 34 buildings, the self-sufficient campus included a US Post Office, a Meteorological Station, and a working dairy farm.

Over the intervening decades, the once remote retreat was slowly surrounded by the city of Lakewood. By the mid-1950s the institution changed its mission to cancer research and became the American Medical Center.

We’re told that patients and visitors to both the JCRS and AMC frequently said that the unique collection of lawns, gardens and buildings looked more like a college campus than a medical facility. We agreed, and purchased the site in 2002.

Great care and consideration has been taken to preserve the history of our campus, while modernizing each building to serve the needs of our art and design students. As technology progresses, our renovations continue as we strive to offer even more facilities and opportunities to our students each year.

(text taken from www.rmcad.edu)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.