DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

1. Vision and Growth

Goals: To describe qualities and characteristics that will define RMCAD’s image and campus development for the future.


As RMCAD continues to grow - physically, academically and culturally – the design and planning of the campus is guided by the vision and values that emerged from our strategic plan.


To realize our Vision and Values, RMCAD will continue to improve and expand the campus to:

  • Create a rich sense of community within the campus that connects physically and culturally with the larger community surrounding the campus - and beyond.
  • Embrace sustainability in all aspects of the campus as part of our core philosophy that informs everything we do.
  • Embrace the history of the campus and integrate with RMCAD’s evolving story.
  • Become a destination for those seeking to learn and experience a unique and inclusive expression of creativity and innovation in art and design.

2. Academic Growth and Changes

Goals: To explore strategies and challenges - based on academic growth and changes - to improve RMCAD’s current and future classroom and rotation efficiencies.


Campus Planning Implications: Improved efficiencies in scheduling and in the use of existing buildings/classrooms must precede construction of new facilities. New facilities must be designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability to accommodate academic growth and changes.


3. Infrastructure Analysis

RMCAD Infrastructure is defined as the physical campus site, buildings and

structures, building systems, communication systems (phone, data) and technologies.

Goals: Create 2 priority lists:

  • Immediate/critical infrastructure needs (accomplished in this meeting)
  • Needs for 2014 based on the Strategic Plan,  projected enrollment and facilities growth (in progress)



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.