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We embrace the value of sustainability, and understand how important it is on campus. Students, staff, and faculty are all effected by the choices we make in designing the campus, and we strive to adhere to high standards.  


In 2010, RMCAD's Sustainability Coordinator, Kelly Webb initiated a number of important sustainability improvements to RMCAD's campus including:

  • Joined the Association for the Advancement Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and enrolled, with over 200 other colleges and universities, AASHE’s SustainabiliyTracking, Assessment and Rating system (STARS), a framework for colleges and universities to gauge relative progress toward sustainability
  • Developed stringent policies and procedures for the treatment and disposal of all hazardous materials and wastes on campus to ensure students, faculty and staff have safe and healthy work and learning environments
  • Advanced from the Bronze Level to the Silver Level in the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program (CELP.)
  • Formed the student club SEED (Students Expanding Environmental Development), with a mission to promote campus and personal sustainability
  • Developed the “Eco-Rep Program” to engage students to serve in peer-to-peer outreach, create a valuable service learning experience for RMCAD students and provide opportunity for students to develop outreach, organizational and educational skills. This program will launch in 2011
  • Partnered with City of Lakewood on a number of projects to promote sustainability
  • Revised policies, procedures and curricula working with the Chairs of Fine Arts and Art Education to ensure they protect student and faculty health and educate students in the most environmentally safe and healthy practices
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.