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Corey Lee Wrenn


Corey Lee Wrenn  was born and raised in Clifton Forge, Virginia.  She moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado in 2008 where she has been working towards a Ph.d in Sociology at Colorado State University (CSU).   She is also an instructor with CSU and an adjunct professor of Sociology with Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  Ms. Wrenn holds a MS in Sociology and a BA in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Asian Area Studies from Virginia Tech.


Ms. Wrenn's research interests include social inequality, gender, social change, and social movements.  She specializes in Nonhuman Animals and society and the Nonhuman Animal rights movement.  Her dissertation research examines the impact of professionalization and factionalism on social movement success, with a focus on the interactions between welfarist and abolitionist factions in Nonhuman Animal rights activism.  


Ms. Wrenn has been active in her community for several years regarding issues of social inequality.  In 2013, she founded Vegan Feminist Network, a collaborative effort that applies academic theory to activist spaces.  She acted as president of the New River Valley Coalition for Animal Rights and the Environment (NRV-CARE) with Virginia Tech from 2006-2008.  She founded and advised the Coalition for Animal Advocacy (now Rams Organizing for Animal Rights) at Colorado State University from 2008-2010.  Ms. Wrenn also volunteered with Virginia Tech's Language and Culture Institute and TAP Headstart(1) in Roanoke, Virginia.


Beyond her current teaching positions, Ms. Wrenn has extensive experience working with students at the high school and college level as a crew supervisor for the Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps program and as a graduate teaching assistant as a Ph.d student at Colorado State University.  She has experience working with children in situations of crisis or need as an emergency social worker for Child Protection Services with the Virginia Department of Social Services.  Ms. Wrenn also spent two years working as a research coordinator with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, a leading research institute in its field.


1.  Total Action against Poverty 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.