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Jeffrey Berger

  Portfolio: http://rmcad.digication.com/jeffrey_berger/Home




Collaborative, quality-focused professional with strong storytelling and animation skills. Produce high-quality and engaging content for a variety of media forms. Work with content developers and other project team members to determine appropriate visual, textual, and animated elements. Develop themes, scenarios, and character illustrations that support narrative flow. Prepare media for final approval, make changes as requested, and prepare files for distribution. Produce deliverables on time and within budget, with regular communication about project status.
System experience: MAYA 3D Animation & Modeling, GIMP, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Unreal Engine 3, Z Brush, & Photoshop


Animation / Video Artist, contract assignments, 2010 – present
Service Specialist, King Soopers (concurrent position), 2011 – present
Office Support, Poudre High School, summers 2005 – 2010  


•    Create custom animation projects under the umbrella of Digital News Network videos. Build relevant videos based on evolving news events, working within an established broadcast news format.

•    Consistently portrayed news personalities and characters such as co-anchors, Weather Bot LV2k, and Sports Ninja. Increased viewer interest by incorporating rapidly changing visuals and information. Finished projects within a short time frame and gained praise for creativity and content development. 

•    Showcased 3D animation mesh with music for a contest challenge to make a video that complemented the Portal 2 video game. Downloaded and imported audio, created and animated characters, and timed out sections.
•    Edited video into a final composite and uploaded to YouTube. Executed one of the most complex projects ever personally completed to meet criteria for the contest and submitted it on time. Reached 1,000 views within 30 days.
•    Create story, characters, and background through extrusion, texturing, and skeleton rigging processes. Programmed key movements and all joining frames.
•    Compiled all elements into a rendered video, incorporating music elements and graphics. Sought music to fit theme of the animation. Incorporated brand-new techniques to enhance the quality of the video. Used blend shapes, base shapes, and morphing to achieve video goals.


•    Created a promotional video to promote King Sooper’s attention to customer service and departmental offerings through new Service Star program.
    Incorporated employee-created song with edited footage from video team using PremierPro CS 5 software.
•    Evaluated footage to identify best clips and stretched or shortened frame rate to fit lip syncing. Created several drafts and collaborated with creative team to incorporate requests and edits.
•    Contributed to group’s creation of a final animation project over 3 months. Created a racing monkeys concept with various side plots. Divvied up various animation elements, scenes, and special effects.
•    Synched themes and timing as a team, incorporating audio and music elements. Made multiple revisions, including script changes, to meet time constraints. Provided feedback so that team was able to achieve more and accomplish a better result, working collaboratively.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation


Dean’s List for three years


The Green Monster, an independent film: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9gZJFlw180
Mime Your Own Business, an independent film: http://vimeo.com/13525932
Mr. Clarence Seahorse, voice actor
Operation Banana Rama, animator and voice actor
•Masks at MOA fund-raising project, 2008 - present


Sam Fleming, RMCAD Animation Department Chair
    Sfleming@rmcad.edu, 800-888-2787

Sean Burns, RMCAD Animation Professor
    Sburns@rmcad.edu, 800-888-2787

Chance Dodd, RMCAD Animation Professor
    Cdodd@rmcad.edu, 800-888-2787

Dan Silva, Colorado State University
    Dan.silva@colostate.edu, (970) 491-2226

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