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Sarah R. Burns, LEED Green Associate

Campus Planning + Design Projects Manager

Department of Campus Planning, Design, + Operations


Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

1600 Pierce St. | Denver, CO 80214
P 303.225.8534 | F 303.759.4970 | http://www.rmcad.edu

Personal Mission Statement:

  • To stay connected with nature and have that connection be a driving force in my life.
  • To create my success from the ground up.
  • To experiment, experience, and achieve happiness everyday.

Career Goals:

To design academic institutions that are 100% sustainable and healthy. I would also love to do some restaurant and hospitality design.

Secondarily, I hope to continue to build my professional photography company.


Favorite passtimes:

Reading, photography, painting, knitting, ultimate frisbee, hiking.



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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.